Saudia Airlines Company for Real Estate Development and Development

Rental of residential unit

At SARED we are always keen to attract and accommodate well profiled tenants, which makes SAUDIA City one of the most desirable residential compounds. Along with the many other advantages, we provide a wide range of unit configurations to fit your personal or family requirements.

Rental, operation and management of commercial areas

SARED offers numerous prime commercial leasing opportunities with great investment potential, across multiple cities. (For example the SAUDIA City Commercial Center, which contains many shops that serve residents and visitors)

Office Leasing

The office leasing service has primarily been allocated to serve the strategic business units and subsidiaries of Saudi Arabian Airlines. However, few external companies have been offered office spaces upon availability.

Saudi Airlines Lands and plots

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers many lands granted by the Government to strategic partners for commercial investment projects in accordance with the terms of the Saudi Arabian competition and government procurement law

Sports and recreational centers

SARED manages and operates the Saudi Airlines Club in Jeddah and Riyadh, along with 7 recreational centers distributed throughout SAUDIA City with different sporting activities provided in each facility.

Events and Entertainment

SARED Marketing and Sales department is always looking to organize and arrange special events within SAUDIA City which contribute significantly in creating a wonderful and vibrant atmosphere for the residents.

Tenant Services

The Property Management department is devoted to assisting their tenants during their course of stay, and it begins with issuing of permits, following up their requests, handling of any complaints, listening to their proposals, and checking out

Lease, Billing and Collection

This dedicated department is tasked with the preparation and processing of contractual and financial transactions, along with monitoring of payments and collections.